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Tank scales
e scales are estimated for a calibrational weigh place, are up to standards of the Office for normalisation, metrology and certification SR (see Certificates) for the scales applicated in a commercial relation. Maximal allowable errors meet class III, following norm STN EN 45 501 - Metrological aspects of the scales with a non-automatical function.
Technical specification:
Weighing range:from 20 kg to 200.000 kg
Scale degree:from 10 g to 100 kg
Accuracy:OIML, class III
Utilizational possibilities:weighing, filling, batching of the bulk and liquid components
flowing continual scales
complex supply of the new systems on "turn-key",
reconstructions of the exist mechanical weighing systems,
co-implementation of the exist tanks by the scale and operative electronics
*concrete-building, building material manufacturers, food industry, chemistry, ...
Load carrier:weighting tank /laquered steel, zinc-coated, rustless, / suspended on 1, resp. bedded on 3, resp. 4 scanners, supported by the assosiated technology /armatures, slapsticks, flexibil connections, conveyers, freq. converters, .../
Tensometric scanners:from 10 kg to 100 tons complemented by the accessories for the elimination of the vibrations /during the mixture/, mounting lugs, sets against the turnover, ...
Resolution:3.000d - 6.000d
Weigh indicator:RS3, Panther, WE2108,
weighing,batching, process controlling /following the taken parametres/
statistic processing of the weight quantities during the selected time period /for example. shift, day/
automatical or manual mode of balancing
data entry, editing, recipe archiving, data entry of the repeating counts
possibility of the communication with the superior system
outputs for command of the technology /Profibus, Modbus, Allen-Bradley.
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